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At Hourglass Wealth Management, we strive to work with your CPA so that we can help plan out your future tax efficiently. It is important to us that we look at all sides of the retirement planning process so that when you do retire you know what your tax situation will look like. Most of the time people will retire without taking taxes into consideration and this can become a very costly mistake.

During the retirement planning process, we will work with your CPA on how social security income will impact your tax situation as well as dividends, interest and capital gains from your portfolio. We also love to work with business owners that are selling their businesses in order to obtain additional capital or income towards their retirement portfolio. It is imperative that we work hand in hand with your CPA to help ensure that you truly understand the tax implications before moving forward.

Lastly, we work with individuals with their CPA and estate attorney to help ensure that they clearly understand the tax implications of their estate. We pride ourselves on working with clients not only on how assets are titled but working with estate attorneys on how to move assets down from generation to generation tax efficiently.

 *Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network is not a tax or legal advisor.

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